City of Lakeport, California

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Icon Administrative Services Director/City Clerk (176kb)

Icon Administrative Specialist I/II (128kb)

Icon Associate Planner (105kb)

Icon Building Inpector I/II (97kb)

Icon Chief Building Official (132kb)

Icon Community Development Director (90kb)

Icon Community Services Officer (105kb)

Icon Compliance Officer I/II (99kb)

Icon Deputy City Clerk I/II (134kb)

Icon Electrical Mechanical Technician (EMT) (43kb)

Icon EMC Supervisor (100kb)

Icon Engineering Technician I/II (57kb)

Icon Equipment Mechanic I/II (131kb)

Icon Finance Manager/Director (142kb)

Icon Financial Services Specialist I, II. III (137kb)

Icon Government Accountant (187kb)

Icon Housing Specialist (109kb)

Icon Lifeguard (24kb)

Icon Maintenance Worker I/II (133kb)

Icon Maintenance Worker III (192kb)

Icon Office Specialist (63kb)

Icon Park Maintenance Worker I/II (99kb)

Icon Parks Leadworker (48kb)

Icon Parks Maintenance Foreman (99kb)

Icon Permit Technician (145kb)
Job Description

Icon Planning Services Manager (101kb)

Icon Police Chief (112kb)

Icon Police Detective (659kb)

Icon Police Lieutenant (126kb)

Icon Police Officer I/II (134kb)

Icon Police Officer III (181kb)

Icon Police Records Supervisor (108kb)

Icon Police Sergeant (127kb)
Police Sergeant

Icon Pool Manager (78kb)

Icon Public Works Director (98kb)

Icon Public Works Foreman (180kb)

Icon Public Works Superintendent (92kb)

Icon Utilities Maintenance Supervisor (108kb)

Icon Utilities Superintendent I/II (38kb)

Icon Utility Operator I,II,III (216kb)

Icon Utility Operator I,II,III (216kb)

Icon Wastewater Facilities Supervisor I-II (192kb)

Icon Wastewater Systems Operator I/II (131kb)

Icon Water Operations Supervisor I-II (192kb)

Icon Water Systems Operator I/II (103kb)

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