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Icon Architectural and Design Review Facts and Information (28kb)

Icon Architectural Design Review Requirements (24kb)

Icon Environmental Review Procedures Guide (98kb)
Guide to the City of Lakeport's Environmental Review process including information about the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This guide was updated in 2010 to reference changes in CEQA adopted by the State of California.

Icon General Plan Amendment Procedures Guide (30kb)

Icon Guide to Minor Architectural and Design Review (84kb)
Minor Architectural and Design Review. The Community Development Director is authorized to review and decide upon applications for minor architectural and design review involving the following: 1. Small Projects. New uses, renovations, remodels, or additions to existing nonresidential structures which do not exceed four hundred square feet in gross floor area or that do not involve alterations to more than twenty percent of any one or more exterior side(s) of the structure. 2. Duplex residential units.

Icon Guide to New Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Residential Development (121kb)
Architectural and design review is required for all new proposed commercial, industrial, multifamily residential, institutional, or similar buildings; for the proposed exterior remodel of buildings that result in altered appearances, additions, extensions, or enlargements; and for all proposed residential to office/commercial conversion projects.

Icon Guide to Parcel Maps (Subdivision of Four or Less Parcels) (38kb)

Icon Guide to Rezoning (Zone Change) Procedures (29kb)

Icon Metal and Fabric-Covered Carport Regulations (35kb)

Icon Secondary Accessory Residential Unit Regulations (57kb)
Regulations for the development of a Secondary Accessory Residential Unit, also known as a "granny unit." These regulations were updated in 2013.

Icon Subdivisions of Land Guide (35kb)

Icon Use Permit Procedures Guide (11kb)

Icon Variance Application Procedures Guide (93kb)
Handout detailing the application requirements and review process for a variance application.

Icon Zoning Permits Procedures (30kb)

Total folder file size: 713kb.