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Icon Forbes Creek Neighborhood Improvement Study (12.5MB)
The City of Lakeport was awarded a Planning and Technical Assistance grant from the State Department of Housing and Community Development to develop a Neighborhood Improvement Study that focuses on targeted income areas in central Lakeport. The study area includes the area bounded by Martin Street (south), Second Street (north), Highway 29 (west) and Forbes Street (east). The intent of the study is to evaluate existing conditions within the project area, including housing and infrastructure conditions. The study includes an assessment of housing conditions throughout the project area and identifies areas where new infrastructure (sewer, water, storm drainage, street lights, streets and sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, park facilities, etc.) may be needed. The study includes numerous recommendations and suggestions and also offers suggested implementation strategies.

Icon Neighborhood Improvement Study: Request for Proposals (1.3MB)
The City of Lakeport is requesting proposals from qualified Urban Planning and/or Neighborhood Revitalization consulting firms to prepare a Neighborhood Improvement Study. This document includes the City's press release for the Request for Proposals (RFP), the RFP and two related attachments.

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