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Icon Ordinance No. 889 (2013) Medical Marijuana Cultivation (220kb)
These regulations address the cultivation of medical marijuana in the Lakeport city limits. They will be incorporated into Chapter 17.38 of the Lakeport Municipal Code.

Icon Secure Greenhouse Construction Details (410kb)
Photo collage showing various components of a secure greenhouse structure.

Icon Secure Greenhouse Information (261kb)
Secure greenhouses have been designed by Secure Grow, LLC specifically for the cultivation of medical marijuana and in response to cultivation regulations such as Lakeport’s. This is being provided for information purposes only and the City of Lakeport has no affiliation with Secure Grow, LLC. Secure Grow Greenhouses are reinforced using interior cyclone fencing. They are lockable with a sturdy gate. They are ventilated and use a charcoal filtration system. They have been designed to allow in the sunlight through the reinforced opaque cover, allow air flow and keep out unwanted pests with the screened windows that also have roll up/down covers. The fans and filtration system keeps the air flowing using air ducts to stop mold and mildew and filters the air to remove any odors that may cause concern from neighbors.

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