Tree Preservation Information

Tree Preservation Information

Tree Preservation1Trees are uniquely valuable as a natural resource. They provide protection from sun and wind, help replenish the oxygen supply, and enhance the scenery around our homes and neighborhoods. Trees, especially mature healthy trees, foster an image of beauty, tranquility, and stability throughout our community. These many benefits should be preserved for future generations.

The City of Lakeport has set guidelines for tree removal and replacement for construction of Development to preserve existing trees while encouraging growth and development.  To read more about these guidelines click here.

Protected Trees

The following trees are protected and require a tree permit:
·         Existing native trees with a diameter of six inches or more
·         Oak,
·         Willow,
·         Cottonwood, and
·         Redwood
shall not be cut down, removed, or otherwise destroyed except as provided herein.

Did you know that trees, parks and green spaces…
·         Improve neighborhood appeal: In urban areas, they attract more businesses, shoppers and homeowners.
·         Save millions in environmental benefits: Trees help clean our air and water, prevent flooding, reduce our energy use and help fight climate change—all services we would otherwise have to pay for.
·         Create jobs: Urban forestry employs more than 60,000 Californians.
·         Increase your property value: Simply having trees on your street can increase property values by an average of $8,870.
·         Save you money on your energy bills: Proper landscaping can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%.
·         Make your street safer: Streets with trees have fewer run-off-the-road crashes and slower average car speeds.
·         Increase your business: Businesses on “treescaped” streets have been found to earn 20% higher income streams.
·         Bring in more customers, more frequently: Trees in shopping districts encourage customers to shop more often, linger longer and pay more for goods.
·         Make customers feel better about your goods and services: Retailers in districts with trees receive 30% higher ratings of their products’ quality.

Tree Preservation2TREE OWNERS
Did you know that…
·         Pruning trees is crucial: Pruning in the first 2 to 8 years after planting a tree is vital to its eventual growth and health. In deciding when and how to prune your tree, it’s best to consult a professional since different tree species have different needs.

·         All you need is the 4x4x4 rule: When caring for a young tree, spread mulch in a 4-foot diameter around your tree, 4 inches away from the trunk and 2-4 inches deep.

·         Improper tree care is costly: Finding an ISA certified arborist can save you serious time and money later on down the road.