Report a Stormwater Issue

Report a Stormwater Issue

Notice a storm drain that looks backed up?Stormwater runoff diagram

Do you see oily, murky, or contaminated water running into a storm drain, creek, stream or into Clear Lake?
Is there a strong odor coming from a storm drain inlet or nearby?

Have you observed a business or resident dumping liquid or material into a storm drain?, creek or other questionable location?
If so, we would like to hear from you!
You can fill out, print, and submit a hard copy form-- please click the link below.  This form can be filled out, printed and submitted (in person or by mail) to the City in hard copy form or saved to your computer and emailed to the Community Development Department. 

Stormwater Issue Report Form

You can also report an illicit discharge, illegal dumping or noticeable changes in water quality via telephone or email. See contact information below. All complaints will be investigated. 

Together, we can help keep Clear Lake healthy and beautiful.

City of Lakeport: 707.263.5615 ext. 202  or via email or 

County of Lake - Water Resources:   707.263.2344  email: 

City of Clearlake: 707.994.8251 (Code Enforcement Division)

Please contact our office if you have any trouble filling out, printing or submitting the report form.  Send all related emails to