Nuisance Abatement Process

Nuisance Abatement Process

City staff, upon discovery of, or upon notice or complaint, will investigate the alleged nuisance, and make a determination of the existence of a nuisance.

Upon the determination by staff that a nuisance exists, staff shall prepare a notice of nuisance, and send to the property owner and a copy of the notice is prominently and conspicuously affixed to the premises.

If upon the expiration of the period specified in the notice of nuisance, action to abate the nuisance has not been commenced, or, if it has been commenced, it has not been pursued with the due diligence nor completed within a reasonable time, city staff shall cause a Second Notice to abate nuisance to be prepared, with notice to appear before the council at a stated time and place, which said time and place will not be less than twenty-one days after service of said notice, to show cause why such condition should not be condemned as a nuisance, and why such nuisance should not be abated by the city.

Once the hearing is finished and the determination is to have the nuisance abated, the city will move forward with the abatement.

Upon the completion of the abatement, city staff will prepare a notice, specifying the work done, an itemized account of the costs and receipts of performing the work, an address, legal description or other description sufficient to identify the premises, the amount of the assessment proposed to be levied against the premises, and the time and place when and where city staff will submit the account to the council for confirmation.

Whenever any condition on or use of property causes or constitutes, or reasonably appears to cause or constitute, an imminent or immediate danger to the health or safety of the public, or a significant portion thereof, any enforcement officer shall have the authority to summarily and without notice abate the same. The expenses of such abatement shall become a lien on the property.