Love where you live!

Love where you live!

bigstock-Do-Not-Litter-Sign-Illustrati-277139863Litter is ugly and costly.
Littering is an anti-social act that is against the law. 
The planet cannot sustain all the littered and dumped garbage that has been heaped on it. Pollution, flooding, crime, lowered property values, disease, harm to wildlife -- littering plays a role in these unwanted scenarios. 

Seven Sources of Litter
No matter where litter starts, it moves. From streets and highways to parks and waterways. Wind and weather moves litter around a community, into gutters, planted gardens, alleyways and parking areas. In one study, researchers found that 18% of all littered items end up in our streams and waterways as pollution.
We know that there are seven primary sources of litter:
1.       Pedestrians or cyclists who do not use proper receptacles.
2.       Motorists who do not use vehicle ashtrays or car litter bags.
3.       Business dumpsters that are improperly covered
4.       Loading docks and commercial or residential marinas with inadequate waste receptacles
5.       Construction and demolition sites without a tarp and receptacles to contain debris and waste.
6.       Trucks with uncovered loads on local roads and highways.
7.       Household trash scattered before or during collection.
What can YOU do to help?
… modeling proper trash and waste disposal, you will cause others to consider their actions, too. Your efforts of proper disposal methods and debris collection will help keep our community beautiful.

The City of Lakeport’s Municipal Code Chapter 8.40 states:

8.40.130 Waste disposal prohibitions.
A.    No person shall throw, deposit, leave, maintain, keep, or permit to be thrown, deposited, left, or maintained, in or upon any public or private property, driveway, parking area, street, alley, sidewalk, component of any storm drain system, or waters of the United States any refuse, rubbish, garbage, litter, or other discarded or abandoned objects, articles, and accumulations, so that the same may cause or contribute to pollution. (Ord. 853 §1(part), 2006)

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