Garage Sale 2
Yard Sales are a great way to make a few dollars by cleaning up your house and our neighborhoods!
You may want to post the Yard Sale information on social media or your local papers.

Here are the guidelines you will need to know when you plan your Yard sale:

Per the City of Lakeport’s Municipal Code – Chapter 17.28 (Z) Garage, Yard, Home, Patio, or Other Similar Sales.

1.    Garage sales include, but are not limited to, yard sales, home sales, patio sales, or other similar use on any residentially zoned or residentially occupied property. Garage sales may be conducted in accordance with the provisions contained herein.

2.    The provisions of this section shall not apply to any charitable or religious organization or occasional sales, when the proceeds from such sales are used solely for charitable or religious purposes, nor shall this chapter apply to sales conducted pursuant to the process or order of any court of competent jurisdiction.

3.    No business license fee shall be required for any garage sale lawfully conducted in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

4.    No more than three garage sales shall be conducted on the same premises during any calendar year.

5.    No sale shall be conducted for more than three consecutive days or for more than two consecutive weekends for two days each. Sales shall not be conducted before seven a.m. nor after six p.m. on the permitted days.

6.    Personal property offered for sale shall not be displayed within or on the city public right-of-way.

7.    Signs advertising a garage sale may be placed on the sale premises. No more than two signs advertising a garage sale may be posted, erected, or maintained on the premises on which the sale is to be held. Signs shall not be lighted. No sign posted, erected, or maintained shall exceed four square feet in area or be placed more than five days preceding the lawful commencement of the sale. Each posted sign shall be removed at or before the close of the last day of the garage sale.