South Lakeport Annexation Project

South Lakeport Annexation Project

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Community Forum:  Learn More About the Proposed Annexation of South Lakeport March 10, 2022

What is the South Lakeport Annexation Project?

The City of Lakeport has proposed to annex an area adjacent to South Main Street and Soda Bay Road. The annexation will expand the City Limits to include this additional area, transferring control from the County to the City of Lakeport. The project area contains 50 parcels which total 123.64 acres in area plus additional road rights-of-way for a total of 136.78 acres.

In a Joint Meeting on January 11, 2022, the Lake County Board of Supervisors and Lakeport City Council took historic action to move forward on the South Lakeport Annexation, unanimously adopting a Tax Sharing Agreement.  Both parties believe Annexation, under the agreed terms, will increase government efficiency, while also delivering enhanced services to residents and businesses in the Annexation area.
Approved Tax Sharing Agreement
Joint Media Release--January 14, 2022

The Lake Local Agency Formation Commission (Lake LAFCo) held a public hearing on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 at 9:30am at the Lakeport City Council Chambers located at 225 Park Street, Lakeport, California.

Lake LAFCo Public Hearing Notice
Community Letter--February 11, 2022

Once the Annexation is approved, registered voters residing in the area will be eligible to participate in City elections. Residents and businesses can also expect improved fire protection, access to public water, emergency resiliency through installation of fire hydrants and municipal law enforcement.

Lakeport residents and businesses within and outside of the Annexation area will benefit. Extending water mains to South Main Street will create a closed loop in the City’s water system thereby increasing the reliability and resilience of the system overall and reducing total maintenance costs for all Lakeport residents.

For those in the project area, access to cost-effective public water will help address water quality issues some have been facing. The switch to municipal police service will also mean reduced response time (about 3.5 minutes). Businesses can invest with confidence, knowing a quality complement of readily-accessible services is available, and we look forward to thoughtful infill development in this area providing Countywide and regional benefits.

Annexation Area Map

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