South Lakeport Annexation Project

South Lakeport Annexation Project

Latest Annexation News:

A special election will be held on November 8, 2022 on the matter of the South Lakeport Annexation (Measure P). 
Visit the 2022 City Election Information page for to learn more

A vote for Measure P, the South Lakeport Annexation, is a vote for fire hydrants and common sense.  With wildfires on the rise, we must take proactive steps to fight this worsening threat before it is too late. By annexing the South Lakeport area, or in other words, making the South Lakeport area an official part of the City of Lakeport, residents of the area will receive several benefits including vital public safety improvements, access to public services, and gain the ability to vote in future city elections. 

A "yes" vote for Measure P means: 

- Improved fire protection with the addition of a new water line and fire hydrants
- The option to connect to public water, helping residents who rely on wells that have water quality problems
- A switch to city police service, leading to speedier response times and improve patrols 

Property taxes will remain unchanged. Better fire protection and public safety could even lead to lower insurance costs. 

Measure P is a logical and necessary extension of city services and the most cost-effective option for taxpayers. 

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