South Lakeport Annexation Project

South Lakeport Annexation Project

What is the South Lakeport Annexation Project?

The City of Lakeport is proposing to annex an area adjacent to South Main Street and Soda Bay Road. The annexation will expand the city limits to include this additional area, transferring control from the County to the City of Lakeport. The area contains 50 parcels which total 123.64 acres in area plus additional road rights-of-way for a total of 136.78 acres.

If approved, landowners will be able to use City of Lakeport services, will be eligible to vote in City elections (if they reside on their property and are registered voters), and will have the option of connecting to City sewer and water services.  

 There are several benefits of the annexation that help both Lakeport residents and businesses and residents in the annexation area. First, annexation will allow properties in the area to cost-effectively connect to water and sewer services. This will help address water quality problems that affect some properties. The extension of water lines will also allow for the installation of fire hydrants which will improve fire suppression capabilities in the annexed area. Additionally, extending water mains in South Main Street will create a closed loop in the City’s water system that will increase the reliability and resilience of the water system and reduce overall maintenance costs for all residents of Lakeport. Finally, annexation would enhance police response times and services in the area for its residents and businesses.

Annexation Area Map

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