What Types of Business Licenses Are Available?

What Types of Business Licenses Are Available?

Business License1The Business License fee varies depending on the type of business.  Businesses located outside of the City of Lakeport but doing business in the City of Lakeport (such as vendors or contractors) are required to apply and pay for a business license.

Lakeport Municipal Code 5.04.120 lists license taxes designated.

There are three types of City Business Licenses available:

1. An Annual Business License - this is for the persons doing more than two (2) jobs a year within city limits. 
If you apply for a license after July, the fee will be pro-rated. Annual business license fees range from $14 to $154, in addition to a $10 per employee that works within the city limits and is not the owner.

2. A One-time Business License - this is for anyone who works within the city limits only 1-2 times within the fiscal year (July-June). This license is valid for only one (1) job/project and is not to exceed thirty (30) days. A maximum of two (2) One-time Business Licenses may  be issued to an individual per fiscal year.

3. A Home Occupation Business License - is any business occupation conducted within a dwelling by a person(s) residing in that dwelling unit which is clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of that dwelling. Home occupations shall be subject to the issuance of a Zoning Permit in accordance with Section 17.22.010 and 17.22.020 of the Lakeport Municipal Code. There is a one-time fee at the time of submittal, plus the Annual License fee. If you relocate to another dwelling within the City, it would require a new home occupation application to be submitted and Annual License fee would be required.

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