Over the Counter Review

Over the Counter Review


Over the Counter1
For minor non-structural modifications with a tenant improvement or single-family projects, applicants may request an “over-the-counter” plan review. An over-the-counter plan review means your plans can be reviewed and, if approved, your permit can be issued to you immediately. 

The plans examiner will determine if the proposed work is minor enough in nature that a plan review can be completed quickly, as in within the day, and an over-the-counter plan review is warranted. Plans with structural alterations may or may not be issued over-the-counter depending on the complexity of the structural alteration.
Plans in need of Land Use or Zoning approvals will not be done over-the-counter.

Zoning Requirements
All projects that require plan review, whether they qualify for an "Over-the-Counter" review or not, will need to comply with local zoning regulations. Zoning requirements can impact the type of business allowed in your commercial suite or how large and where your home addition can be located. Prior to preparation of plans, you will need to obtain information specific to your site.


  • Single family interior work without structural changes (wall removal, wall reconfiguration, door or window relocation)
  • Single family patio enclosures
  • Single family patio covers and trellis
  • Decks / Stairs (Remove and Replace)
  • Moving Gas Lines (Gas Schematic Required)
  • Adding / Relocating Electrical
  • Replacing Windows
  • HVAC Installations
  • Re-Roof
  • Solar PV systems


  • Minor interior alterations
  • Minor electrical work
  • HVAC Installations
  • Replacing Windows
  • Replacing Siding
  • Non-Electric Signs

Submittal Requirements

o    Permit Application Form
o    Re-roof Supplemental Form
o    Owner-Builder Authorization Area on the Permit Application Form

o    2 sets of plans 24" x 36" (existing and proposed)
o    2 set of reduced plans 11" x 17" (site, floor, and elevations only)
o    2 sets of engineering (when applicable)

Exclusions (Projects NOT eligible for Over-the-Counter Plan Check): 

  • Violations or work started prior to permit issuance
  • Storage/use of hazardous materials of any amount
  • Building additions
  • Revisions to plans for projects which are under construction
  • Projects where structural or other calculations are required.
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • When a Use Permit or other entitlement is required by Planning
  • Secondary dwelling units
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Change of Occupancy
  • Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Buildings located in Special Flood Hazard Areas
  • New Buildings located in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)