All About Building Permit Fees

All About Building Permit Fees

Building Permit1When applying for  a Building Permit everyone would like to know amounts for their budgeting purposes. 
However, every project is different and therefore the costs will be different as well.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you go forward.

Over the counter permits, such as plumbing repairs, electrical upgrades, simple remodels will have fees based on type of construction and the construction valuation. There will be state required fees apportioned with it as well. As the Plan review will be at the counter that fee will be minimized. No outside agency fees would be required.
New Construction, and most larger remodeling, additions, and accessory structure permits will have more costs to them. Fire and School fees may be required, and Encroachment permits may come into play. The building permit fees would be based on type of construction and cost valuations. Again state fees would be apportioned with it as well. The plans submitted with the application would need to be reviewed, so the Plan review fee would be applied for the amount of time it took to be reviewed.

Demolition permits may involve the Lake County Air Quality Management District depending on the age of the building being demolished. Fees would be determined by the cost valuation and would include the State required fees.

Consider all facets of your project, will it require plans? Will it require engineering? What are the costs for labor and materials? All of these things will impact the overall cost for your building permit.

For more information, please contact the Building Division. They are always happy to assist you as you move forward.