Development Review

Development Review


Development Review1Development review is a function of Community Development that ensures private development projects comply with legal requirements and meet the City's high standards of quality, safety and functionality.  This is accomplished through the review of subdivision or parcel maps, grading, improvement and other construction plans for conformance with the conditions of approval, Subdivision Map Act, geotechnical studies, and all applicable codes and City Standards for new development projects. 

Applications reviewed by Planning will be given approval, conditional approval, or denial, based on the policies and the direction of the City Council. Once approval is obtained, building plans may be submitted for plan review, after which building permits are issued and work may begin.

The Public Works Department and Building Division are responsible for the review and issuance of permits for any work to be performed within the public right-of-way such as driveways and water and sewer connections.

For your convenience we have added a link for the Encroachment Permit Application and a Building Permit Application on-line.

Development Review2Planning approval is required for construction or modification of certain buildings and other improvements. More specifically, approval is required for:

  Additions to single-story structures in certain circumstances.

 New multi-family residential structures.

  Modifications to multi-family residential properties.

  Commercial signs.

 New construction, additions, and exterior modifications to commercial and industrial buildings/properties.

The California Green Building Standards Code requires project applicants to recycle or divert from landfills at least 65% of the waste created by construction projects. Click Here for more information.

Prior to issuance of any building, demolition, grading and/or landscape permit, the project applicant shall submit a Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan to the Building Division demonstrating the amount of waste to be generated and a plan to divert at least 65% of all project-related construction and Demolition (C&D)waste from local landfills.

Upon project completion, all permittees are required to submit a Final Project Report detailing all project related C&D debris collection, disposal and diversion information and receipts and/or weight tickets to substantiate reported waste diversion.

Should you choose to self-haul recyclable material to a processing facility, the City of Lakeport requires that you report the amount of waste that is recycled by material type. To best account for specific material types, the City recommends good project site waste separation practices to ensure that recyclable materials are recovered and sent to recycling facilities.  Utilizing separate disposal bins for different material types is one method to easily separate materials.  Permit applicants, not a waste hauler, are responsible for ensuring that recyclable materials are delivered to the appropriate facility.