Annexation Document Center

Annexation Document Center

Fast Facts Sheet
Annexation Area Map
Annexation Parcels 
Community Letter (February 11, 2022)
Lake LAFCo--Review & Recommendations Regarding the Proposed South Lakeport Annexation (July 2020)
South Lakeport Annexation Adopted Tax Sales Agreement between the City of Lakeport & County of Lake

Lake County Local Area Formation Commission (Lake LAFCo) Public Hearing, March 16, 2022
Community Letter (February 11, 2022)
Public Hearing Notice

Joint City Council / Board of Supervisors Tax Sharing Agreement Meeting (
January 11, 2022)
Meeting Agenda
Staff Report
Attachment 1 - Annexation Boundary Map
Attachment 2 - Draft Tax Sharing Agreement
Draft Sales Tax Agreement Joint Council/Board Media Release (December 20, 2021)

Lakeport City Council Annexation Application Public Hearing (August 13,
Public Hearing Notice

LAFCO South Lakeport Annexation Application (Full Version)
LAFCO Annexation Application
Resolution of Application (Attachment A)
Statement of Justification (Attachment B)
Map of Subject Territory (Attachment C)
Geographic Description of Boundaries (Attachment D)
Public Notice List (Attachment E)
Sphere of Influence Map (Attachment F)
Pre-Zoning Map, General Plan Map & Resolution(s) (Attachment G)
Plan for Services (Attachment H)
Fiscal Impact Study (Attachment I)
Public Agency Notification List (Attachment J)
Tax Exchange Agreement & Agreements for Cost-Sharing (Attachment K)
Initial Study/CEQA Environmental Checklist (Attachment L)
LAFCO Comments & Lead Agency Responses (Attachment M)
LAFCO Agreement to Pay (Attachment N)
Correspondence Relating to Fiscal Analysis (Attachment O)

Environmental Documentation
CEQA Document Notice of Availability--South Lakeport Annexation Project Initial Study
CEQA Initial Study Evaluating Use of Previously Certified Environmental Documents for the South Lakeport Annexation Project
South Lakeport Annexation Project CEQA Document Initial Study Environmental Summary Document 
Lakeport General Plan 2025 Draft Environmental Impact Report (November 2008)
Lakeport General Plan 2025 Final Environmental Impact Report (February 2009)
2014 Addendum to the Lakeport General Plan 2025 EIR (October 2014)
CEQA Notice of Completion--South Lakeport Annexation Project (May 2019)

2015 Lake LAFCO Sphere of Influence Update

Adopted Sphere of Influence Map (October 2015)
Lake LAFCO Sphere of Influence Staff Report (October 14, 2015)
Lakeport 2012 Municipal Service Review (July 18, 2012)
City of Lakeport Resolution 2531 (2015)--General Plan Update & Sphere of Influence Revision