General Plan

General Plan



The Lakeport General Plan is the official document used by decision makers and citizens to guide and interpret the City’s long range plans for development of land and conservation of resources. The General Plan represents an agreement among the residents of Lakeport on basic community values, ideals, and aspirations to govern a shared environment. The General Plan is required by State law and guides the City's planning and zoning functions as well as the funding of public improvement projects, such as parks and streets  At the same time, it brings a deliberate, overall direction to the day-to-day decisions of the City Council, Planning Commission, and City staff.

  • City of Lakeport General Plan 2025

The Lakeport General Plan contains ten (10) specialized Elements.  Each Element starts with a discussion of purpose, existing and future conditions and ends with specific goals, policies and programs designed for the implementation of the City's vision.  Individual sections of the General Plan are listed below:

The current Lakeport General Plan was adopted in 2009.  In 2004, the City Council decided to update the 1992 General Plan to provide decision makers and private developers with clearer and more effective policy guidance.  The updated General Plan was approved by the City Council via Resolution No. 2347 in April 2009.  The General Plan's Housing Element was updated in 2014 in accordance with the State's requirements and amendments to the City's Sphere of Influence were completed in 2015.  A listing of additional related documents to the General Plan are provided below:

The General Plan contains a number of important maps and figures.  Some of which are listed below for easier reference.  These include a land use map that describes the location and boundaries of each land use designation (e.g. Residential, Commercial, Industrial) and a Sphere of Influence (SOI) map.  The area identified within the SOI is currently under County jurisdiction, and regulated by Lake County's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.   The SOI represents the ultimate future boundaries of the City and State law permits the City to plan for areas outside of its boundaries, if those areas have a direct relationship to the City's planning needs.

  • City of Lakeport General Plan Land Use Designations
  • Sphere of Influence Areas
  • City of Lakeport SOI General Plan Land Use Designations
  • Existing Road Network
  • Recommended Roadway Improvements
  • Bikeway Plan
  • City of Lakeport Parks
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Earthquake Faults
  • Seiche Inundation Zone
  • Serpentine Rock Soils