City of Lakeport, California

Business Trash and Recycling

Trash CansTrash, recycling, and green waste pickup for businesses in Lakeport is provided by Lakeport Disposal Company.  The City has a franchise agreement with Lakeport Disposal to provide these services.

Curbside pickup of garbage, recycling, and green waste is mandatory within the Lakeport City limits. See Lakeport Municpal Code Chapter 8.16 for more information.

In 2012 the State Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) adopted regulations requiring mandatory recycling for commercial facilities. Additional information can be found on the CalRecycle website.

See Lakeport Disposal's website for the current commercial rates for waste toters and larger bins. If you are planning a remodel or construction project, please click this link for information about obtaining a City of Lakeport Building Permit. Also, please be aware that most remodel and construction projects are subject to the waste diversion requirements that are a part of the State's CalGreen Building Standards Code.

Business owners are reminded to maintain the waste toters, place them out on collection day only, and to pull them in within 18 hours after they have been emptied.  Toters and other trash & recycling receptacles are also required to be stored and screened from public view and not be visible from the sidewalk, streets, or roadways.

Fees for commercial waste collection are billed by the City as part of the monthly sewer and water utility bills. 

Check out this link for helpful tips on how to properly sort recycling and green waste materials.  

Recycling Information

The County of Lake's Public Services website features excellent information on recycling and composting including a helpful and comprehensive list of recyclable materials. Check it out if you want to know "What can I do with ____?"  The County of Lake also coordinates regular household hazardous waste drop off events-- see this link for the current schedule.

In 2018 the County of Lake updated the Lake County Recycling Handbook. It includes current information about service providers, drop-off and buy-back centers, tire disposal, electronic waste disposal and lots more!   

Also visit Lakeport Disposal's website to learn more about recycling, local service areas and times, hazardous material collection and other waste disposal-related information.

Lakeport Disposal

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