Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a means to aid in reducing the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus through the implementation of recommended Center for Disease Control (CDC) social distancing practices, the public lobbies of Lakeport City Hall and Lakeport Police Department will be closed to the public until April 13, 2020.

The City’s priority during this declared emergency is to continue to protect the public, as well as our employees so we may continue to serve, by limiting the spread of COVID-19.  We appreciate your understanding and your patience.

Specific contact information for City Services during this emergency are provided below:

Police Services

The Lakeport Police Department will continue to respond to emergency calls and non-emergency calls for service.  For emergencies call 911 and non-emergencies call (707) 263-2690.  For general administrative business (e.g. evidence and records requests, tow retrieval, etc.)  please call (707) 263-5491 ext. 8 or email

Fire & Emergency Medical Services

For all fire and medical related emergencies call 911.  For all other fire and administrative services call (707) 263-4296 or email

Utility Payments and Account Services

To speak with a Lakeport Finance Department representative regarding utility billing or account services please call (707) 263-5615 ext.305 or email  Utility payments may be made online at or by phone at 1-833-208-7229.

Building & Planning Services, Permitting and Inspections

For assistance related to building and planning services, permitting and inspections please call (707) 263-5615 ext. 204 or email  Building permit submittal and inspection services may be scheduled through special arrangements.

Public Works

For the reporting of utility and infrastructure problems please call (707) 263-3578 or email

Business Licensing

For payments, obtaining a license or general business licensing inquiries please call (707) 263-5615 ext. 204 or email

Special Events Scheduling & Reservations

Reserving public spaces and requesting street closures for special events during this continuing emergency will be limited.  For more information please call (707) 263-5615 ext. 102 or by email at

Public Meetings

The City of Lakeport is working on an alternative procedures for the administering of upcoming public meetings, including City Council meetings.