Covid-19 Resources

The Lake County Department of Health has compiled Covid-19 resources including masking requirements and child care resources here:

Stay  Safe  this  Cold and  Flu Season
Testing  is  particularly  important  now,  during  cold  and  flu season.   Assuming  your  cough, congestion or  runny  nose  are  signs of  a  cold,  or  your  fever  and  fatigue  are  a  flu,  can  put  others at  life-threatening  risk;  all  of  these symptoms can  be associated with  COVID-19.   Getting  vaccinated  is the best  available defense,  and  approved  COVID-19  vaccines are safe and appropriate for  almost  everyone.

There  are  numerous  opportunities  to  access  vaccination and testing  in Lake  County.  The  most  current  information is available at:

If  you want  to get  vaccinated, and are  facing  barriers,  call  707-263-8174.